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5 2.35 Cropmark 2
72606   Mar 10, 2011
Hello, just receive my unit yesterday. The system is a really good and afforable solution for DSLR framing. So i have a little request, do you think that we can expect having a 2.35 cropmark instead ...  
4 Dop Germany 1
dop Germany
73126   Feb 15, 2011
Hi, is there an chance to switch of the color bar? i couldn´t find it in the menu. It nerves, that i see it before recording. regards dop germany  
3 Problems with composite input 2
86311   Feb 05, 2011
Just received my Cineroid from Germany. I have spent some time connecting it with a SD camcorder through composite cable, and I've noted that is impossible to use the Underscan feature and Pixel t...  
63601   Jan 03, 2011
You have some very cool products.... unfortunately none of them seem to be available for purchase. When can we expect to see this come about?  
1 batteries and PTAP 2
124283   Jan 31, 2011
When.... and I guess, where.... can those of us who own your EVF get the canon LPE6 / ptap adapter so we dont have to rely on sony batteries?  
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